Novo YS-DT-A Teste De Vitalidade Pulpar Endodontia

New Type YS-DT-A Pulp Tester

Digitest Pulp Vitality Testers
1. Simply place the Digitest’s autoclavable tip on the suspect tooth and press the “test” button.
2. A gentle, pulsed stimulusbegins to increase at a rate you’ve pre-selected (slow – medium – fast). Because there are no sudden jumps in power (as when you twist a knob), the patient feels the stimulus long before it crosses the “pain” threshold.
3. Large LEDs indicate the strength of the stimulus.
If the patient indicates perception, you simply release the
4. The stimulus stops immediately, but the numbers remainfrozen on the face for about 5 seconds. Then the device turns itself off (No wasted batteries.)